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How to prepare for a showing that leads to more closings.

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.  

Our industry treats showings way too lightly.   Many agents spend way too much time showing homes, losing buyers, or showing way too many homes because they are not preparing for the showing.  

In other words, prepare for your showing using these tips and show few homes, lose fewer buyers, and sell more homes.

Tips for an effective showing.

1. Show more than one home even if it is below or above their price.  People need contrast and you need more time with the client.

2. Call Listing Agent prior to showing.   Ask them how best to sell and show the property.   Most agents don’t call.  If they do, they ask about motivation and if there is anything they need to know.  Too vague.  Find out about the selling features first.

3. Look up all the active, pending, and closed sales in the neighborhood.   I’m not talking comparable sales I’m talking about the neighborhood.   

4. Don’t print a flyer sheet for the buyer.   Print one for you to have so, that the buyer has to ask you questions.  If the buyer is asking you for information they are interested in the home.  If they have their own flyer they won’t ask you.

5. Call the listing agent during or after the showings.   Tell your clients you will be calling the listing agent during or after the showing.  The listing agent will want to know if you are making an offer.   If your buyer is interested this is a good time to get more information from the listing agent on other offers.

2021 is off to a strong start.   Stay focused early because it will pay off come March & April.

Nick McLean
Nick McLean Real Estate Group

PS.  Our team has training on how to sell more homes 4X a week.  If you are interested in joining in send me an e-mail.  I’m sure it will boost anyone’s business from a new broker to a 30-year veteran.  

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