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How To Price Your Home In Today’s Economy

Pricing your home is the 2nd most important factor just after hiring the right agent. Learn about pricing.

The Nick Mclean Real Estate Group listing strategy is a tried and true data-driven method for getting clients the most money possible with the best terms. Nick walks us through the pricing strategy and explains what makes his listing strategy so successful in today’s market.

Pricing is a critical aspect of the listing strategy. Nick and his listing partners provide you with expert pricing advice that will position your home perfectly depending on the real-time market conditions.

The industry standard pricing method is the CMA, which is a comparable market analysis. All agents do it. They look at the past sales (which could be years old) and then guess what your home’s worth. Most agents go to your house and they try to guess what you want for your home so they can tell you what you want to hear, not what you need to hear.

The average agent only sells eight homes a year. The Nick McLean Real Estate Group sells over a house a day a high volume, low-profit business model. The benefit to this model is that with so many home sales every year Nick’s team gains valuable insight and real-time market data. This gives Nick’s listing partners an advantage and they will tell you what you need to hear so that your home is priced and positioned to create the most demand, attracting qualified buyers from everywhere.

You don’t want to list your house for too much so that it is overpriced. This is a great way to limit the number of buyers interested in your home. Overpriced homes tend to sit on the market for a long time, followed by price reductions. Homebuyers can’t help but wonder what’s wrong with the house if they are dropping the price?
Underpriced houses will sell quickly and starting too low you could be giving it away and leaving money on the table.

Nick’s listing partners look at the past sales, but also look at other current market indicators, market conditions, economic conditions, interest rates, federal interest rates, the pace of new construction, and the bond market.

When you meet with a Nick McLean Real Estate listing partner, they do their research and due diligence before they show up to your house. Giving you a price recommendation that is not just a guess, but a data-driven price in which your house will be positioned in the marketplace using advanced marketing to capture the best terms and price.

For more information on Nick’s Pricing strategy or if you want to know what your house could sell for in today’s market, Give Nick a call at 509-255-8070

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