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How to sell 2 homes a month without looking cheezy and pushy to your friends and family…

In 2008, I started my real estate career. To be honest, I fell into a real estate career. This career is never a person’s first choice. There are no real estate degrees taught in college and they certainly don’t teach you sales in school. This means most people even in real estate don’t know the right steps to take to have a successful career.

I’m sure my first month in real estate was much like yours. My Designated Broker told me to reach out to my Sphere and let them know I was now in real estate. The next step was to ask them if they would be needing to buy or sell in the next 30 to 60 days.

Well, that didn’t work…

…I sold 1 home in 2008. It was a home on Gibson Chelan that closed Oct. 2008 and I made $4300. By March 2009, My wife and I had $300 left in our bank account and a mortgage payment due.

That was the moment I decided to reach out to people I did not know. My sales went from 1 to 12 to 32 to 62! All from clients that were not in my sphere. But, they were now!

What I found is experienced agents (15+ years) typically work by referral only. It is a badge of honor and pride to reach this pinnacle in real estate.

When a broker with under 15 years asks a successful broker how they are getting their business they tell them ‘referrals’. This makes us think we need referrals as well.

PRO-TIP – If you have under 100 career sales ‘Referrals from your Sphere’ should not be your Number 1 source of sales.

Remember, this e-mail is designed so, you can sell over 2 homes a month. You can certainly rely on referrals only but, 99% chance there will be less than 1 a month. Not to mention unpredictable.

After I decided to meet ‘NEW’ people my sales started to climb. I remember being very excited to tell my broker that I found a qualified seller that wanted to sell their home. His response…

…”I know that person, I sold their parent’s house last year.”

I wasn’t sure what to think. Was he saying this person was in his sphere?

Out of respect, I backed off until…

…It happened again, and again.

I finally had a meeting with my broker and said, that if we are going to work with each other I’m going to meet people that are in both of our networks.

Notice that I changed the word from ‘Sphere’ to ‘Network’?

That is the breakthrough. Stop focusing on your sphere and start growing your ‘Network’.

How do you grow your network? Introduce yourself to more people.

There is B to B (Business to Business) and B to C (Business to Consumer). You are the first business. So, you can meet other business owners or you can meet the consumer.

Pro-Tip 2 – The business owner and consumer will not seek you out. You have to meet them where they are at.

In my third year in real estate, I met the Number 1 real estate agent in Hawaii… He sold over $150 million that year. I asked him how he did it? He said…

…”The power of proximity”

He went on to tell me that he spent 200 days that year traveling to different cities to meet people most likely to buy the luxury resort homes he had listed.

This is extreme but it tells us a principle. You have to go out and discover new people. You have to grow your ‘Network’.

Every day our team has new leads that we are reaching so, that we can grow our network, together. No hiding contacts or relationships. There is an abundance of working collectively towards a common goal.

Pro-tip #3 – Find an abundant environment that is conducive to growth! One in which you will choose to be productive each day of your career.

Many Realtors are told their ideas, #1 Don’t Work, #2 Won’t Work or #3 You can’t do that. Find a creative team that embraces new ideas and supports your future network.

Nick McLean
Nick McLean Real Estate

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