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How To Sell Real Estate And Make Commissions Consistently…

How to make real estate commissions easily and consistently…

Last night 1.6 million people watched HGTV.

4.8 million people searched for homes online.

6+ million homes will sell in the USA each year.

$100s of millions of commissions each year in the State of Washington.

I’m Nick McLean and I have made millions in commissions as a real estate broker. and I want to give you my insights into how you can too…

…If you already have a real estate license keep reading. There is a section for you.

Can you please offer some feedback?

My questions are fast and easy.

Do you have a passion for homes?

Do you like HGTV or search online for entertainment on a daily or for sure weekly basis?

Do you have an extra few hours a day?

If you answered yes and like people and challenges. Then you could be making commissions for your real estate habit.

50% of buyers will find their home online without any help. If you were to find it for them that same home before they do, you can make extra money. Not only that…

…I know hundreds of different ways to help people buy and sell in real estate. Each way produces happy clients and commissions checks.

Finally, do you live in Washington State?

If yes, we have a unique opportunity…

We are launching our Nick McLean Real Estate Consultant Program.

As a consultant…

You will be part of a growing and supportive community. With others that love real estate, have flexible schedules, and being an entrepreneur.

Once enrolled you will earn your real estate license. And be on your way to making commission checks for doing what you already love doing. Searching and looking for homes!

You will have access to daily live training on ZOOM to help you be successful.

Grow at your own pace! We know each consultant has other duties and commitments in their life. Kids, Family, Jobs, Partners, and Free Time! We support each consultant’s life and goals to achieve.

To learn more about how to become an NMREG Consultant…

…send me an e-mail introducing yourself telling us why you are passionate about homes. Extra credit for a resume.

To apply you must live in Washington State.

If you already have a real estate license. The Consultant Program includes training and support to help your business GROW!

If you had an assistant to help list and with closings, would you be able to sell more? If you had a consistent lead flow would you be able to sell more? If you had a supportive brokerage and community that shares openly and celebrates would you sell more homes?

If yes, send me a message to learn about how to grow your business.


Nick McLean Nick McLean Real Estate Group 509-670-1071 (Text) e-mail

Nick McLean / Nick McLean Real Estate Group / Text Me 509-670-1071


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