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How To Stage Your Home To Gain 6% More Money…

Can Staging Increase your home sale’s price by 6% or more!

Having your home professionally staged or obtaining professional staging advice from a real estate professional prior to going on the market can increase the eventual sales price of your home by 6%, all the way up to 10%! The experience the home buyer has when seeing a home for the first time is very important, making home staging one of the most important things you can do before photography and going live with a home listing.

A professionally-staged home or a home that received professional staging advice will have better photography, and it’s really appealing to people searching for homes online. Because let’s face it, the more views and time spent looking at a particular home online, the more likely the buyer’s going to want to go look at the home in person.

The agent you choose to hire to sell your home matters. Not all agents offer the same level of service. Some agents are still using iPhone pictures and not offering much staging advice, which results in a listing that does not get the attention that it deserves. We always advise home sellers to ask if their agent offers professional photography and staging advice.

Staging isn’t always bringing in more stuff, a lot of times staging is taking stuff out. Some agents are vague and they call it decluttering. Getting staging right the first time can increase the sale price by 6%, that’s a lot. The average sales price in Wenatchee right now is $500,000, 6% of $500,000 is $30,000. You wouldn’t want to leave that money on the table.

What can you do right now in your current job or profession that’s going to increase your income by $30,000? Very little, right? But there are things you can do to your house right now, today that can increase the value of your home $30,000, $50,000, $100,000. All you have to do is ask us to come over and we’ll let you know. We can also do an upgrade consultation and tell you some other things you could do to improve your home, to improve the value. So you put a dollar in, you get $2 back, wouldn’t that be cool? So staging advice is really important, it’s critical to getting the most money for your home.

Call a specialist to get staging advice for FREE prior to going on the market – 509.255.8070 or go to

Nick McLean
Nick McLean Real Estate Group

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