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How To Win A Home Against Multiple Offer…

How to win home against multiple offers…

The best homes sell quickly and have multiple offers.  This is 100% true in today’s market with low inventory and hyper low-interest rates, unless…

…You have priority access to homes before anyone else.  I wrote an article about the “red ocean and blue ocean”, last week.  Let me know if you want that emailed to you.

I personally wouldn’t be scared of a bidding war.  I instead would be prepared for war.  I’m about to share with you our secret negotiation techniques that win big for our clients!

These techniques are not theory.  They are reality.  I have personally been in over 6,500 real estate negotiations in the last 10 years.   I’m negotiating nearly 2 a day.   This frequency has uncovered the mastery techniques needed to win in a competitive market.

A few years ago,  I sought out to master the art of negotiations.  It led me to Harvard Business School.  Studying their textbooks, it boiled down to one thing…

…The person with the most reliable information wins.

In real estate, the listing agent will know a lot about the home and seller.  They, however, represent the seller and are bound by confidentiality.   Therefore you will not get much information out of them.  And anything you say to the listing agent they MUST share with the seller.  That means anytime you are talking to the listing agent you are losing the information war.

Therefore you need a buyer specialist trained to become the ultimate spy for you.  By spy, I don’t mean someone in a car with a long lensed camera.  I’m talking next level CIA that can research property owner and their property for intelligence.

When we have a buyer preparing to make an offer here is the information we find out.

  1. How long has the owner owned the home? 
  2. Why are they selling?  (Motivation)
  3. What did they pay for the house?  (Equity position)
  4. What are comparable homes selling for?
  5. How much do they owe on their mortgage? 
  6. When do they want to be out?  (Timing)
  7. What do they like? (Connection)

Motivation, Financial Situation, and Social/Emotional Connection are the three most important drivers for sellers.

Once we have this information we can now craft an offer that is tailored made for the seller.  We give them everything they want that our buyers don’t care about.  

We leave PRICE the lone variable.  This variable we work to minimize this number for our buyers at the same time being the winning offer.

Try out our intelligence service on homes.   Start searching and find a home of interest.  We will then go and get this intel for you.  

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Nick McLean
Nick McLean Real Estate Group

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