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How will the housing market respond to the stimulus?

The latest stimulus package is over One trillion dollars!   The human brain can’t comprehend this number and that is the reason housing will continue to increase.

I can comprehend one million dollars.  That is fairly simple.  A billion gets fuzzy but, a trillion is impossible.  

If we were to stack dollar bills on top of each other.   A billion would be 67.9 miles tall!

A trillion 67,866 miles!   The stimulus package is nearly $2 trillion. That is halfway to the Moon for goodness. The previous bailout of $4 trillion made it to the moon.

I’m hearing rumblings of a bubble in US real estate.  This is because people never imagined this scenario before.  Since COVID-19 over $6 trillion dollars have entered the system.  

Nick McLean 
Nick McLean Real Estate Group

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