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I Got Hit In The Nose By A Baseball Bat

I was hit by a baseball bat square on the nose when I was 11. My nose instantly shattered as blood dripped all over my cotton t-shirt…

…I did not see it coming. My friend and I were playing on a backyard baseball t-ball gadget where a string connects a ball to the mount. It was Justin’s turn to swing, and I was standing at a safe distance from his swing. I soon found out that I was not at a safe distance from his backswing. As Justin swung the bat, he hurled the bat with a big Ken Griffey Jr. backswing. The bat came North to South right on my nose. I remember breathing face down in the sandpit as the golden sand turned red.

In business, it is easy to calculate the upside, but we rarely calculate the downside. We optimize our businesses to grow and capture more and more business and rarely optimize our business to survive a downturn.

When making a profit in business, I never calculate the risk and only look for more opportunities to capture. ‘It’s working, so why change?’

Times like these are an excellent reminder to continuously calculate the downside.

Watching Justin swing the baseball bat, I was focused only on the impact and didn’t think about his back swing.

Luckily, I’m a real estate coach and have coaches that help me identify my blind spots in business. They have the authority to call out my blindspots, protect my downside, and optimize for the upside.

A coach of mine told asked me, six months ago and since that time I’ve asked all my clients…

…”We all know it is going to happen. We just don’t know when.”

He asked me, “What would you feel, think and do if the market adjusted 30% tomorrow.”

This question put me in immediate action, and I prepared myself, my business, and coaching clients for the inevitable future.

Much of what is happening today is because people are forced to sell because of overleverage. I’m talking about homeowners or homebuyers. I’m talking about the real estate business world.

The strong will survive. You have been given an opportunity greater than any interest rate or stimulus package drop. More significant than any lead source or referral partnership.

These times are when Champions rise to the occasion and prepare for the next at-bat. The opportunities are incredible for the strong, bold, and brave!

Nick McLean
Nick McLean Real Estate Group
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