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I Have A Story For You About This Housing Market….

Listen to this story…

…A couple in their 20s bought a Wenatchee Valley Home 3 years ago.
They work in the medical field and during COVID-19 started to explore the idea of selling so that they could move to a location with more space.

They were seeking privacy, a large garden to grow food, and room for a horse.

They heard that our team Nick McLean Real Estate Group would be able to get top dollar for the house.

They knew it would sell so more importantly they needed us to find them a home that exceeds the criteria.

Here is what we did.

We listed their home before they found a new home with Tiffany Gaul as the expert listing partner…

Crazy or Smart?

Smart because that put them in control.

We were not in a hurry so we could take our time negotiating offers.

We sold their home for $20k over the asking price and more importantly…

…set a timeline, that put ZERO pressure on them to find a home and move comfortably.

There was nothing on the market so, Roselle Smith Wood our expert in locating deals went to work. She found them home off-market with room to grow food and horses.

Many times in life, what you think will work is just playing it safe. And when you do nothing guess what your results will be?

If you want to work with Tiffany Gaul and get a free home report or Roselle to help you find a great deal.  Send me an e-mail or a text 5096701071 and I will connect you.

They will never pressure you.

In fact, they tend to tell you not to do most things so that you can say yes to the path that reaches your goals.

Nick McLean
Nick McLean Real Estate Group

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