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I Have Been Keeping A Secret From You…It Is Time I Tell The Truth.

The secret I have been withholding from all of you about our company.

Our organization generates over 1000 leads per month.  These are from dozens of sources and 100s are phone calls that go directly to our brokers.

The reason I’m telling you this is because 49% of these leads are going unanswered.  Even with all our brokers we are way behind and can’t keep up.

The reason I kept this a secret is that I was scared brokers would want to join our firm purely for our leads.  We are much more than just a lead-generating machine.  We love our community and value connection and relationships with our brokers.  

The other secret is our brokers can list homes and work with buyers.  They make money by generating conversations and relationships with both.  Our brokers are also taught how to brand and market themselves.

If you are a broker that wants more Leads, Phone Calls, Opportunities, and support so, you can have more free time…I want to meet with you and talk about your business over coffee.  

Send me a private e-mail at and let’s grab a coffee and spend 15 minutes together.

Nick McLean
Nick McLean Real Estate.

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