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I Look Forward To Personally Connecting With You…

Yesterday, I met with some friends in real estate and I had a light bulb moment…

…My friend told me a story about a client that wanted to sell their home so, they could move to Arizona. This client had him over to talk about selling his house. My friend assumed he wanted to get advice on how to fix it up so, that it was ready for photography, listing, signs, showings, and open houses. That wasn’t the case at all…

This person did not want to list the home and do all the repairs and hassle associated with listing for 2 weeks to a month. Including dozens of showings, inspections, and bank appraisals.

This person asked my friend to buy it.

They worked out a fair price and closed as-is, no repairs and the seller picked his closing date. No inspection, no appraisal, no repairs, no showings. Nothing.

Fast forward 2 months and the seller gave my friend a 5-star rating because it was the easiest and simplest transaction he was ever a part of. Here is my light bulb moment. I want to offer the most simplest selling solution EVER.

If you or someone you know is thinking about selling. I will buy your house for cash. Any house and in any condition.

The owner gets to decide…

⏩ The closing date.
⏩ The price.
⏩ The terms.
⏩ Rent back options, as-is, leave anything behind you don’t need, and more!

The simplest way to sell.

Call or text me at 509.670.1071 now or send me a private e-mail to have a private conversation.

Nick McLean
Nick McLean Real Estate

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