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I’m Sharing A Secret Place For You To Go…

I create a couple of secret pages for you to find more homes…

The World Series came to a close last night.  The Dodgers are the World Champions.   It reminded me of a saying, “It is a game of inches”.  Baseball and life is a game of inches.

Think about it?  Name 1 person that won a Silver or Bronze medal in the 2016 Olympics?   You can’t…

…The person that won the Silver in the 100-meter sprint in 2016 lost by 1/10th of a second.    Literally an inch.  That inch was worth millions of dollars not to mention a lifetime of happiness versus a lifetime of failure and regret.

It doesn’t seem fair.

It isn’t fair but, that doesn’t mean we can’t win.

In real estate over the last 10 years and have sold 4000 homes I have found it is a game of inches when buying and selling.

The challenge is most buyers and sellers never get the ‘Gold Medal’ broker.  They hire the ‘Silver’, ‘Bronze’, Qualifier, “College’, ‘High School’, ‘Amateur, ‘Beginner’ sprinters…

If I swam up against Michael Phelps, I would lose every time.

Knowing that being 1st matters.  If you are not first you are literally last in real estate.   Having every advantage matters.

That is why I have created two links for you to get the win.  These links are yours and are GOOD forever!

The best homes sell the quickest and are off the market before you can blink.  Here is a link to all NEW listings on the market.  This link updates every 15 minutes.


You can save this link to your browser.   Zillow, Trulia, and won’t be this accurate and won’t update this fast.

This is a direct portal to what I see on my MLS portal.

The next link updates every 15 minutes and in my eyes is one of the most valuable links you will ever get your hands on.

These are price reduced listings.  These sellers are motivated to sell.  Their home hasn’t sold and they are getting worried.


PRO TIP – When you click on the link you can add your area like Wenatchee, Leavenworth, Chelan, Moses Lake and it will show you the new or price reduced listings for that area only.

It is time to get first place and win the GOLD.  You don’t deserve to settle in life.  You are a winner and can win under the right circumstances with the right people around you.

Nick McLean
Nick McLean Real Estate Group

Text your address to 509-670-5532 to get a Free Market Analysis of your home.

PS – I’ve been running projections based on who will get elected.  Text your address to 509-670-5532 and I will tell you how your home value will be affected by Biden or Trump in 2021.

Nick McLean

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