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Improving From Your Mistakes

You’re not perfect. You are going to royally f#$@ up over and over again.

Good news mistakes are your greatest resources that you can always count on showing up.

The question is, what do you do about the fact that you will continue to make mistakes until you die?

Mistakes happen, but you lack accountability.

First, you must accept that you will be the one who makes mistakes.

People are great at seeing others’ mistakes and somehow lack awareness to see their own.

Which power would you choose if you could?

The ability to notice other people’s mistakes or the ability to notice your own?

Most choose the first, but the latter will be the successful ones in business and life.

Now, with our super power to observe our own mistakes, how do you end up in a better spot for having made the mistake?

Here are five ways to improve your ability to improve from mistakes.

Be aware. Be mindful of how you are impacting your environment. You want to catch yourself after making a mistake. Most mistakes go unnoticed. To tell if mistakes are going unnoticed, you will hear more excuses than admissions.

Don’t be ashamed for making a mistake.

To make a mistake is to be human. Being ashamed results in people hiding their mistakes and results in a failure to launch out of fear of judgment.

Acknowledge the mistake by taking responsibility and accountability.

I apologize for the mistake. Did the mistake affect others? Apologize to them and offer a solution.

Act on the solution or remedy. People respect those who do what is right versus those who pretend they are perfect.

Your business and life will be defined by how you handle mistakes.

As a leader, I acknowledge you as a great human being. I accept you as you are. I encourage you to make mistakes. Never make a mistake with malicious intent. You’re a good moral and ethical person, so take chances. Run fast. Put yourself out there. Step into the arena under the lights.

And when you make a mistake, always get right back up, dust yourself off, admit it, share it, and improve upon it.

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