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Is Life Contribution?

A life of contribution


What do you think of when you read that word?

* Giving money?

* Giving time?

* Volunteering?

* Helping out a sick friend?

* Bringing home a paycheck?

* Reading stories to your grandchildren?

There is a basic human desire to contribute. 

In fact, we usually perform better in our relationships, at work and in the community when we know we are making a contribution. When we are adding to the greater good.

The dictionary defines contribution as the ‘act of contributing’.

Pretty boring for something that is knoble in all of us. 

How about this??

An act of giving, adding quality and strength to the whole.

It’s that simple.

AND you are probably contributing more than you know to your life, family and community. 

* Enhancing a clients’ life by providing a service

* Strengthening a relationship by showing up

* Giving attention to a co worker’s successes

* Improving the life of a family by serving nutritious food

Notice today the contribution you are making. How are you giving? Adding quality and making the whole stronger?

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