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  • Is now the right time to sell? Uncovering common myths and mistakes homeowners make when selling their home!

Is now the right time to sell? Uncovering common myths and mistakes homeowners make when selling their home!

Selling your house can be a daunting task, it can make you question yourself about wanting to wait till the right season to sell your home… whenever the right season is anyway…


There has been a common myth that listing your home to sell in the Spring/Summer months is the most ideal time to sell… WELL IT’S NOT!


The most ideal time to sell a home is when limited inventory is hitting the market and still an abundant number of buyers. Just because it might be cold outside and snow’s on the ground doesn’t mean that the buyers go hibernate, they are still looking, just waiting for the right property to hit the market to jump on it. Your property could just be that property.


On average in the spring/summer months we see 4-6 homes a day hitting the market. When the snow starts flying, we’re lucky to see 1-2 properties a day come on the market. That’s a drastic change and you shouldn’t miss out on that opportunity.


A couple common myths are:

  • Waiting till the grass is green and the flowers are blooming to really show off the yard.
  • Remodeling or making updates to your home to make more money or get top dollar.

Here’s the thing, buyers see past the yard being green and they know what blooming flowers look like! Just like they can come into a house and know they want to repaint or not. The agent’s job is to help the buyers visualize past any objections they might have to see the complete picture.


Don’t fix that home up! This should be an entire other article. Our office and most others provide a complimentary Comparative Market Analysis where listing agents break down your home to other homes to see what it’d be priced in today’s market. That is a GREAT place to start. Listing agents are the best people to do a walkthrough on your house and ask questions on if you should replace the carpeting in the master bedroom, repaint your living room walls or remodel your kitchen. Most often we see people do this and not make any more money then they would have if they were to not invest the money in to it.

Still making top dollar without touching a thing OR by not waiting, but it must start somewhere and that’s with a CMA.

Learn more about your home and current market pricing by CLICKING HERE  OR by calling 509-255-8070.

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