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It Is Possible To Sell As-Is Don’t Make Any Repairs Before Watching

Don’t make any repairs to your home before watching this video.  You can sell your home AS-IS and profit more money.

It is possible to SELL your home for top dollar without doing any major fixes or repairs. We do it all the time!  Call me today 509.255.8070

Creating the most demand by marketing solves all your problems.

Most real estate agents are going to tell you to clean your house, declutter, update the kitchen, remodel a bathroom, update the landscaping, replace the roof…

…All those things will take money out of your pocket.

They recommend doing all these things because they need to cover poor marketing.

The worst part about spending all that time and money is that you’re not even going to get the chance to enjoy all the improvements.

We just sold a home in the Palisades with exterior photos only; we didn’t even take interior pictures.

We created so much demand through our marketing that we had ten great offers! Homebuyers couldn’t wait to see the inside and put an offer in on that house.

If you’re thinking about selling your home, but you don’t want to go through all the hassle of getting a storage unit, cleaning it up, and renovating..

CALL US TODAY 509.255.8070

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