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It Takes A Tribe To Have A Happy And Fulfilled Life…

Are you aware there are 30 different people that influence a home sale?

We are proud of our team. We met with our lending partners during our team meeting on Tuesday morning. Then we met with an escrow team met to guarantee that information moves into all the right spots for closing success.

Many may not know that there are at least 30 people from different teams who will touch and influence a home sale.

From the agents to closing coordinators, lenders to contractors, escrow agents to title officers, managers, and their assistants.

No one does just one job. They are a part of a whole that equals a successful transaction.

The broker should be the leader who requires leadership skills and training. Our team has a core value that we are the leaders for our industry.

There is a concept we own call PIC, Pilot in Command. Before any flight takes off someone needs to be designated the Pilot in Command. That is the person solely responsible for everything. That person takes 100% responsibility for everyone’s outcomes no matter what.

As a leader, you need to make sure the crew you surround yourself with is exceptional.

Our team is phenomenal and the teams we surround ourselves with are cohesive and professional.

We’re honored to work with grounded, focused, and friendly teams. Best in the Wenatchee Valley.

As you sit down with your teams….. family, friends, or coworkers for the Holiday Season think of all the moving parts. How all members are important and skill-filled.

From Grandma’s pumpkin pie to the grocery store clerk.

From teachers to co-workers.

From the garbage man to the PUD lineman.

Everyone contributes to the success of your Holiday Season.

Nick McLean
Nick McLean Real Estate

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