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Here’s How Land Owners Can Maximize Their Property Values.

​Over the last decade housing inventory has dropped drastically. This created a vacuum of missing building lots making the potential land values skyrocket.

​The key to maximizing the value of the land you own is knowing these three things.

​#1 – Find out your land’s zoning. Your land value has a lot to do with what is allowed by the City or County.

​#2 – Know how many building lots are allowed per acre.

​#3 – Determine the highest and best use.

​I’ve been consulting land owners for 15 years on how to maximize their value before going to market.

If you own a build able lot you are not going to build on let us know we have builders that will pay cash and top dollar.

​If you have land and want to know the highest and best use, send us the parcel number or address.

​We will look up the zoning, development opportunities and determine the best use.

​Best regards

​Nick McLean
​Nick McLean

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