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Landlord hack that will save you thousands and headaches this Summer

Landlord Hack that will save you thousands in repair costs

Beat the heat this summer with this simple hack that will save you a lot of hassle and thousands of dollars.

Summer is approaching very quickly. And with the summer comes HOT triple-digit weather! It happens every single year. And it always surprises us, even though it’s predictable.

And with this hot weather comes predictable repairs and maintenance expenses on your properties.

Does your property have adequate shades that keep your rental home cool? We see it all the time with the properties that we manage. When we take on a new rental, the windows are wide open. There are no shades, there are no curtains, and there is nothing but a window.

I understand minimizing your expenses and tenants can damage the window coverings but buying new shades is cheaper and easier than all the costs associated with repairing an HVAC system or an air conditioner.

Without good window coverings, the HVAC and AC units just cannot keep up and will fail. Even though you’re probably not paying the power bill, you are paying the repair maintenance bill when the HVAC guy has to go over there and figure out why the AC is not working anymore.

Plus, when the sun hits those windows, it’s like a greenhouse and the tenants will not be happy. And if they’re not happy, they’re not going to be taking care of your property. Most likely they’re not going to stay at your property for a long time. A cooler house might mean less tenant turnover.

Wouldn’t you rather be barbecuing or sitting on a boat instead of dealing with repair issues? That’s why you own passive income. Make it passive income and get ahead of a potential problem. It is not as expensive as you think, Home Depot and Lowe’s carry very inexpensive honeycomb style shades that you can cut to fit. They’re made out of paper, but they really reduce the number of UV rays and keep the home much cooler. It’s cheaper to buy some shades than pay for a new HVAC unit.

As a landlord and as a property owner, repairs and maintenance can make a good rental an unprofitable rental. So if you own a property and you want access to a full-service brokerage that can help you maintain your property, reach out to M Property Management and we’ll do this for you.


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