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Lead Conversion 2.0

After generating hundreds of thousands of real estate leads over the last decade, I’ve distilled down the five correlated factors to conversion.

Here are the five most correlated factors in lead conversion in 2022. These proven strategies will quadruple conversion rates.

#1 – The time it takes to establish a communication channel.

Speed to lead within 5 minutes of registration.

#2 – The number of times the lead uses your website to search listings.

The more often a lead uses your website, the more likely they will request a showing or more information. Zillow uses this key metric above all else.

#3 – Speed to lead 2.0

When a lead goes back to the website, make contact within 5 minutes of landing back on the property search website.

#4 – Consumption of content.

The redefinition of a lead is not only a name, number, and e-mail, but most include someone that has used your website to search for property and who has consumed real estate video content from your company.

#5 – Touched by more than one team member.

If one agent on your team touches a lead, the lead’s sales skepticism is too high, and they can assume the agent is lying. If two team members touch a lead, they begin to wonder. If three touch a lead, the lead will believe it to be true.

Each touch requires a strong and consistent value proposition.

If you want help with your lead generation and lead conversion, reach out and we can meet and talk about increasing your sales.

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