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LOOK! Land For Sale

LOOK Land for sale.

This is a gotcha moment because there isn’t much land for sale.   The question is, why?

Why is land scarce and desirable while home inventory continues to rise?   

First, you have to look at the facts.  It is really hard to develop the land.  Regulations are high, and the red tape could take a land owner years to get approval to subdivide.   In most cases, the zoning doesn’t allow further development.  This means no new lots for sale.

What does this mean for land owners?

If you want to subdivide your land, you could have to get approval from these agencies.

1. File an application with the City or County
2. Get approval from the Department of Ecology 
3. Environmental Studies 
4. Fire Marshall
5. Water District
6. Sewer District
7. EPA Environmental Protection Agency
8. Public Feedback from your neighbors who don’t want growth
9. Hearing examiner 
10. Public works that will require roads, sidewalks, and more

And more.  Developing land is hard and very expensive.

Luckily, we have developers looking for land willing to pay top dollar.

Do you own land?  Chances are it is worth a mint.  

Send me your address or your parcel number.  I will tell you what your land is worth in today’s market.

I will also tell you what you can do with your land, like subdivide.

Nick McLean
Nick McLean Real Estate

PS. If you sell your land, you will have a chunk of cash. 

Go to our website and look at the homes you can buy with your land cash.  

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