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Make extra commissions while you sleep.

A good friend and very successful friend works in tech.  Each year we go skiing for a week in places like Whistler, Revelstoke, Sun Valley.  A different spot all there. 

Each year, he would ask me the same question, Nick are you making money in my sleep, yet?

In real estate, referrals are the way you make money in your sleep.  Not receiving them giving them out.  It is the best deal in our industry.  25% without having to lift a finger.   

What about all of your property management leads you have given out over the years?

You probably don’t know this but, I started M Property Management over 1 year ago to work with our clients that own rentals.  We are now ready to GROW and we want to work with you and you should get paid for your efforts with ultimate protection.  

We have a referral program for brokers where you make 25%.  

Refer a person to M Property Management and you will receive 25% of the finders fee as a bonus.  We then tag the client as your person so, that if they ever want to buy or sell you will be the broker to do it.   Guaranteed!  

In fact, we guarantee you get the client back or we pay a huge penalty beyond the commission.    We will also encourage more purchases to increase your sales.  

To set up a referral program, e-mail or you can call/text 509-670-1071.

Nick McLean

PS Do you have any clients that would like to get a management proposal from us now?

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