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Most people are not happy where they live.

8 years ago, a Mentor confronted me about my living situation. I had a nice home but, it had its flaws. He asked me if my current living situation was what I had imagined for myself and my family.

I said, “No, I had never taken the time to imagine the ideal home.”

He said, “That is why you don’t live there. You have to first imagine your ideal living situation for it to come true.”

That day. He asked me questions for 30 minutes. Detailing out everything about my ideal home and ideal living situation.

Without limitation.

Starting with the location and ending with how it made me feel.

Where does the sun come up? Where does the sunset? What sounds do you hear? Who is in the home with you? Who comes over to visit and what do you do?

Fast forward and we are about to move into the exact home.

I want to share this with you. Remember this, all homes were first an idea.

Simply put, you don’t live where you want because you haven’t had the idea. Add clarity and a decision and it will become true.

Today is the day you will imagine your ideal home situation. This very moment you will imagine the ideal space you call home.
Read these questions for inspiration. Close your eyes if you want after reading and let your mind imagine.

Imagine for a minute you could have any home that you want…

What would it be like?

Imagine for a minute you could live anywhere in North Central WA…

What neighborhood would that be in?


Who lives there with you? Who comes over to visit? What do you do when they come over to visit? When you wake up in the morning what do you see? When you get ready for the day what do you see, feel, smell? Look out the windows what do you see? What are all the things you can do outside on your property?

Keep imagining things about your living situation…

You walk into the kitchen what do you see, hear, feel? People are waking up and moving about the home…where do they gather? What are they saying? How do you feel?

Take 5 minutes. Write down everything you imagined today.

You have an aim. A primary aim to improve your living situation based on what you truly desire in a home.

Notice, we did not talk about beds, baths, square footage. They are important but, don’t make a home. They are parts of a house but, not a home and not what makes you feel love.

Nick McLean Nick McLean Real Estate Group


Have patience, some of us can make our imagination into reality in 3 months others like myself it took 8 years. Trust that it is worth it.

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