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My Mom’s Top 10 Lessons That Lead To My Success

What did your mom teach you about life? Here are my top 10 from my mother that help me succeed in life.

Here are the top ten lessons I learned from my mom that have made me successful in life.

✅ ️1. You can do anything.

✅️ 2. Delaying gratification and being grateful for what you have.

✅️ 3. Make your own decisions.

✅ ️4. Don’t complain because someone has it worse than you.

✅️ 5. You don’t hate anyone or anything. Dislike maybe but even then you don’t understand enough to judge.

✅ ️6. Please and thank you. Manners are the prerequisite for all virtues.

✅️ 7. Don’t care what other people think of you.

✅️ 8. Don’t be a little sh#$.

✅️ 9. Pick up after yourself and put things back where they belong.

✅️ 10. Have self reliance.

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