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NCW Homeowner Unknowingly Sells And Leaves $150k On The Table..

I was speaking to a Wenatchee homeowner and he was very excited.   He was excited to tell me that he had already sold his house and was packing.  I was calling to give him a quarterly market update on his home’s value.

He went on to tell me that someone had walked up to his door and offered him $650,000 cash, no inspection, and quick closing.  

He took it!  I don’t blame him.  He has owned his house for 20 years so, this would be a great return on his initial purchase.  The trouble is that he did not know what it was worth.

I was calling him to tell him that his home’s value has skyrocketed to $800,000!  This gentleman unknowingly left $150,000 on the table.

I don’t want this to happen to you.  Get your home valued by our team.  We are offering this at no cost to you because it is very valuable information.  


Or call our real estate expert hotline 509-255-8070.  This will connect you with one of our local experts.  

Nick McLean
Nick McLean Real Estate

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