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Now is the worst time to get discouraged.

A healthy real estate market for real estate brokers has nothing to do with appreciation or depreciation. That is what a buyer/seller looks at to determine if it is a good or bad marketplace. For us, we look at total sales. We want the velocity of sales to be increasing. Over the last 5 months, our inventory has dropped to the lowest level EVER. This has caused gridlock in sales. Sales in Wenatchee for example are down over 24%.

Many of us have buyers that can’t find or win a home. Most sellers are on the fence because the longer they wait the more equity they will have. Or they won’t list because there is no place to go…

We have lots of reasons to get discouraged. A feeling that what is the purpose of helping a motivated buyer if they can’t find a home?

I’m writing this to tell you to stick with it! The brokers that stay disciplined, delay gratification, show empathy to their clients, and never give up will be the most successful in 2022.

Inventory will come on and your buyers will get home. Stick with them.

Inventory will come on that meets your seller’s criteria and they will list. Stick with them.

What is your follow-up strategy or in other words what is your strategy to stay connected with everyone that you have met?

Because it is not their job to remember us, it is our job to make sure they never forget us.

I want everyone to improve their lives personally and professionally and grow. If you need any advice or have a question know that I’m here as a resource. I may not have the answer but, I have the resources and network to find it.

Nick McLean
Nick McLean Real Estate Group
Direct number 509-670-1071

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