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One Phenomenal Team

I met with 50 of the smartest and brightest real estate agents in the country today for 3 intense hours.

Here are the top tips, tactics, and strategies that were shared to smash your goals…

It’s always powerful and motivating to get the entire Nick McLean Real Estate team together.

Our phenomenal team met to crystallize our 2022 goals.

Here are the steps our top agents use to ensure you hit your goals.

1. New routines for yourself are the fastest way to succeed in the new year.

You need to set more boundaries. Doing more won’t cut it. You have to cut out the wasted movements and distractions.

2. We truly recommend goal setting with others. Your family. Your team. Your co-workers.

Your goal must be publicly declared. Share your goal from the rooftops. Share it intimately with your loved ones so that they understand and feel why you are dedicating your time to this pursuit.

Tell them why you need their help and support. Let your guard down.

Declare your goal with your peers. Find friendly competition and embrace the comradery.

3. Something countable. Meaning you can count it. The number of times you go to the gym. How long you workout. The number of clients you call each day or how many sales you will close to make your life easier.

4. Get meaning behind it. The vision of owning a condo in Arizona. Supporting a loved one through a hard time. Better body for a friend’s wedding. Sending a kid to college. The goal means more when you care about how the goal will help you.

5. Understand what got in the way and will likely get in your way this year.

Noisy kids?

Personal hardship?


Where are some areas of production you can tighten up.

6. Who will hold you accountable? Tell someone. Not the whole world but the people who matter most. Ask for encouragement and insight. Tell them your schedule. Get your family on board for your own success.

Our team is inspirational and motivated.

There is a power in numbers, and we’re thrilled to see their successes in the next year.

Level up and get after it!

There are people out there who care. Find those rooms that support your growth.

It is an honor to have Emily McLean and Addy support the team today.

Nick McLean
Nick McLean Real Estate
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