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  • Part 2 – Two Simple Truths about selling that agents won’t talk about.

Part 2 – Two Simple Truths about selling that agents won’t talk about.

Part two of the two simple truths when selling your home in the next six months…that no one’s talking about.

In part one we talked about the importance of strategic pricing and how it will affect the outcome of your home sale.

Part two is dollars spent on marketing make a huge difference when it comes to who is seeing your home.

In today’s marketplace, to sell your home for the most money, you have to expose your home to the most amount of people.

In prior months, you could get away with anything. Putting a sign in the front yard and listing it on the MLS is all you had to do to sell. Not only that but you received multiple offers and it sold in two days!

We looked at the stats from last year and it only took one buyer to get one offer. Now in today’s market, it takes nine buyers to get one offer. This means to get your home the most money you have to expose your home to more buyers.

So here’s how you do it.
Expose your home to more buyers locally. Any local agent can do it, because your home is local and there are low-cost/no-cost ways to achieve this. But to get the most money, you have to have a firm like ours that has the marketing money allocated every single month to find buyers not just in town, but out of town too.

You need to spend the marketing money that reaches places like Seattle, California, and even Florida. Our website gets 50,000 visitors per month. Tens of thousands of them are out-of-town buyers. This means that the pool of buyers for your home gets exponentially bigger.

You must get activity on your home over the entire length of your contract. Normally in our real estate industry, you sign a six-month listing agreement. What would happen if the agent you hire runs out of marketing dollars in the first month or two and you still have your home on the market? Statistically based on current data, it’s not going to sell in 30 days anymore. It’s going to take longer than that. If they run out of marketing dollars you’re a sitting duck for the last five months of your contract. Just sitting and waiting for someone to hopefully see your home.

At our company, we’ve been preparing for a market like this by stockpiling some marketing cash for a downturn. Our clients will have peace of mind knowing that our marketing is not slowing down. Their home will still be exposed to buyers no matter where they currently live and they can still get top dollar for their home.

When the Nick McLean Real Estate Group lists a home, that home will be proactively marketing it throughout the entire listing process. As things change, we can revise the listings, we can improve marketing, and even refresh the photos so your home’s always looking fresh and new.

If you want to know what your home is worth, reach out to us at 509-255-8070 or Google Nick McLean Real Estate.

If you want to know more about how our marketing dollars are going to give you a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace, reach out to one of the knowledgeable listing agents.

Even if you aren’t ready to sell now but you’ll be ready in the next six months, get a hold of us now. We will help you prepare and give you the advice you need so you can achieve the best results when you are ready to list.

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