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Property management that pays for itself.

This is a vision I had 10 years ago.  Property management companies charge 10% to manage a home, duplex.  For that service, they collect rents, make notices, pay bills, and disburse rent to the owner.  

If there is a repair or maintenance item they coordinate the repair the owner pays.  The entire model is set up as a service.

My thought is.  What if the property management company wasn’t servicing it was an investment?

Just like your financial advisor.

That is how we created M Property Management.  Our job is to increase…

Revenues (Rents)  

Reduce Overal Costs (Maintenance & Repairs)

Increase Property Values (Asset Values)

Over the last 2 years, we have taken on private clients to prove our model.  It WORKS!

Our team not only does your property management services like every other agency, but we also increase your value.    This means our management pays for itself.

If you own a rental, reply to this email with your address. 

We will complete a free rental analysis.  What we can rent it for long term with minimizing turnover and repairs.


Nick McLean
M Property Management

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