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Questions Sellers Are Asking…

Questions Sellers are asking themselves before they will hire you…

The questions the seller is asking themselves need to be answered before they hire you.

After being over three thousand listing appointments and reflecting on everyone I found it fascinating that every seller will ask themselves one or more of these questions before hiring an agent to list their house.
How will this agent get me the most money? (Marketing)
How long will it take for the house to sell before I have to move out? (Marketing & Expertise)
Why should I listen to this agent? (Authority)
Is there a better agent out there? (Authority & Differentiation)
Why should I believe this agent? I know all they want is a commission. (Liking Principle & Social Proof)
Does this agent have my best interest or theirs? (Reciprocity, Liking, & Social Proof)
Has anyone else used this agent? (Social Proof, Authority)

You will never gain the trust of a homeowner by giving them a discount. In fact, a discount offered too early will eliminate trust.

Instead, focus on this one secret to gain the trust of a homeowner to remove uncertainty.
Is this the right move?
Can I back out?
How long is the contract?
What do I have to do?
What if I change my mind?

Every seller will experience fear and it is our job to remove the uncertainty.

Nick McLean
Real Estate Greatness
Cheplak Live Coach

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