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REPLAY “Elite Onboarding ZOOM”

The timing of our Elite Onboarding Webinar couldn’t have been better for us leaders that take action into our own hands.

Check out the replay ‘Elite Onboarding Zoom’ – Link at the bottom…

Jon Cheplak and I discuss how to onboard and train agents to be productive in the current market conditions…

…of course, principals didn’t stop there, we kept pouring on the knowledge revolving around how to succeed regardless of conditions.

Your success always comes back to principles, leadership, systems, and the decisions you choose to make. There are two types of decisions…

  1. You fail to make a decision, and your fate is left up to chance because someone or something chose for you. The result will be random, scary and purely based on luck. Luck doesn’t favor the timid.
  1. You made a decision, and the result is based on your decision, choice, and action. You maintain control of your fate. Luck favors the bold.

In times like these, top performers put their fate in their own hands. They make decisions to build their company, leadership, and systems when their competition has lost its focus, and the market is dictating their future.

Here it is…

Nick McLean
Cheplak Live Coach
Real Estate Greatness.
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