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“With great power comes great responsibility.” Many of you know this as the Peter Parker Principle from Spider-Man written by Stan Lee.

Can we flip this for just a sec?

With great responsibility comes great power.
Great responsibility generates great power.


To some of you type A people you have probably have been SO responsible all of your life that responsibility could be in exhausting word. More is just more.

For some of us with teenagers we are trying to drill the idea of responsibility into their brains. Showing up, making a phone call, taking out the trash, filling the car up with gas when it’s on empty. Take responsibility.

No matter what part of responsibility you relate to, it’s here and I hope it’s here to stay.
The more responsibility is exercised,
More responsibility we can show others,
The more integrity shows up,
The more power all of us have.

Responsibility is about contribution, to family, school, work and the community.

How is ‘great power’ generated? SHOWING UP!!

Contributing to what you love; passionate work, kids, finishing the project.

I agree with Peter Parker’s uncle Ben ” With great power comes great responsibility.” but for those of us who have not been bitten by a radioactive spider, let’s try this for a while. “With great responsibility comes great power.”

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