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Roadmap To Achieve 10+ Million In Volume In 2021…

How to sell over $10 million in volume in 2021…

There is a goal-setting exercise I take my team each year.  It is the same process I used in my career that took me from 1 sale to 62 in a year.

It was my 3rd year in real estate that I became obsessed with selling over $10 million in real estate.  It was during the recession so, the average price point was $161,000.  Unlike today our average in Wenatchee is $410,000.  

This obsession created a goal-setting roadmap that will set up any broker in any situation to achieving their sales goals.

Have you ever set a 1-year goal only to fall short early and give up? 

The problem is…

We overestimate what we can do in a year and underestimate what we can do in 3 years.
Goal setting gets our juices going and our motivation will be at an all-time high.   This leads to our goals being based on needing motivation.    When that motivation wavers then our goals suffer.

Rule #1 – Your goals should account for you not being motivated most days.

Back to the 3-year rule…

…Don’t overestimate a huge jump in 1 year that will sacrifice your 3-year goal. 

If you sold 7 homes in 2020 avoid a goal that is double, triple, or quadruple in 1 year.   A good goal is most likely 5% – 40% in 1 year.  That is massive growth.

In 3 years, those gains add up.   

A 10% increase in volume for 3 straight years is a 33% increase!!!  

A 15% increase in volume for 3 straight years is a 53% increase!!!

A 40% increase in volume for 3 straight years is a 247% increase!!!

Now you can see that you need to underestimate year 1 and target your 3 years.

The goal is a building block of incremental gains that lead to exponential growth.

A goal without a purpose is impotent.  

In real estate, our goals are tied to an income we want and desire. This can cause stress, anxiety, and fear. 

It is ok to be successful.  It is ok to make money.

Don’t do it for the money.  Do it for what you can do with the money.

Money is a tool.  Money is not greed.  Money is not selfish. Money can be used for greed and selfishness just as much as it can be used to give and contribute to friends, family, and community.

Once you have a sales number for 2021.  Calculate the income amount.

Take 4 minutes without any distractions. 

What are all the things you would do with this money?

List all the things you would like to achieve, accomplish, give, do, have if you had this money…

What would this money do for you and your family?

Narrow it done to 1 or 2 things that empower you to be your best self.  You will go to these 1 or 2 things when you lack motivation.  

That is why we don’t set goals based on being motivated.  

The last thing.  You must share your goal with your family.  
Tell them what it is and what it means if you hit this goal.

Make the goal visible.  I wrote $10,000,000 on my whiteboard above my desk.  Big enough that others could see it.

Say your goal out loud each day.  I would repeat $10,000,000 in the showing most days.


Goal setting is about getting clarity.  To get clarity it is a must to get feedback.  I’m here for anyone that wants 15 minutes to go over their goals for 2021.

Reply to this e-mail and say “yes, let’s talk 2021 goals”

We will take 100% about your 2021 goals and get you set up for success.

Nick McLean
Text 509.670.1071

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