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Shoud You Work With Buyers Before They Talk To A Lender?

There is nothing worse in real estate than working with buyers that refuse to get pre-approved with a lender. 

What should you do when your buyer won’t get pre-approved?  Should you continue to show them property hoping they will and hoping they approve for a loan?

The experienced answer is no.  However, it is not that simple.  

The question is ‘Why’ are they not talking to a lender?

I started my career in Lake Chelan and for 4 years, not once did I ask a buyer if they talked to a lender.  In fact, we rarely ever included a pre-approval letter.  What we asked was this…

…What do you do for a career?  Or what did you do for a career?

Based on their profession and how long they were at the career I could estimate their income.  

Follow-up questions.  What other real estate do you currently own?

If someone owns property right now, they have already proven they can qualify for a loan and purchase a property.  Not only that they have equity and collateral.

But, what about the person(s) renting or buying for the first time.

They should contact a lender to see the property.  You might give them a 1 or 2 showings but, after that, they are potentially wasting your time.

The best script to explain this to the buyer…

Mr. or Mrs. Buyer, when I set up showings with the listing agent one of the first questions they will ask is if the buyer is qualified.  This means have they talked to a lender.  In fact, 99% of all offers will require a letter from a bank before they will consider accepting.  Before we can look at homes again we need to make sure you have talked to a lender.  Does that sound reasonable?

Nick McLean
Nick McLean Real Estate Group

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