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Should You Become A Real Estate Agent? Take This Quiz.

Our firm is offering 10 real estate scholarships in the next 2 weeks to become a real estate broker in the State of Washington with our team.  Take this quiz to see if you should apply.  

  1. Is it motivating to know you have unlimited earning potential?  In other words, is it motivating knowing your pay is directly proportional to your inputs?
  2. Are you a self-starter?  Real estate brokers have flexible schedules.  You are in charge of when you start and finish.  Meaning you need to be a self-starter.
  3. Do you like people?
  4. Do you want to make a difference in people’s lives?
  5. Are you able to bounce back quickly from setbacks?
  6. Are you able to talk to strangers and start building relationships?
  7. Do you like looking at homes?
  8. Do you like to do research?
  9. Do you like to learn and problem solve?

If you answered yes, to a min. of 7, you can consider real estate as a career.  

If you are interested in learning more about how to get your real estate license…

…Reply ‘Interested’ and tell us where you live.

Nick McLean
Nick McLean Real Estate Group

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