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Should You Do An Open House?

Should you do an open house?

Are open houses still effective?  With COVID-19 the open house has all but, stopped.  Should we start doing them again?

Here is why you won’t see open houses this year.  

1. Low inventory
2. Homes are selling too quickly
3. Because homes are selling quickly sellers are not requesting them

But, should we still do them?

Yes but, I would only do them this way because I want results.  

#1 – Limit the number of people inside to 5.
#2 – Must sign in to get in.  Have them sign up outside.
#3 – One of the questions is are you working exclusively with a broker?
#4 – If no, would you like us to send you other great deals as soon as they hit the market?  
#5 – {Video} Go live on Facebook at the Open House.  Shoot a video. 
#6 – {Video} 1 hour after open house talking about what happened.   
#7 – Get as many signs as possible.  I once did an open house with 100 signs.

The open house needs to be online and offline.  This will bring tons of exposure and opportunities to the bold.

At our office, anyone can do an open house on any listing we have.  We even pay for the promotion of the event.  Since I know a lot of us may not have inventory right now, reach out to a fellow broker and see if you can do an open house.  

Nick McLean
Nick McLean Real Estate

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