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Should You Sell Or Stay In Your House?

I get this question all the time.  Should we sell our house or stay?

If you are asking this question there are reasons you want to sell and move…  Otherwise, you wouldn’t be asking the question.  It might be the house is too big, not enough privacy, needs updating, not near family or friends or you are just bored and want something new.

The reason you are not selling has nothing to do with desire.  It has nothing to do with logic or the marketplace.  It has nothing to do with not seeing anything else you like on the active market.

It has everything to do with…


Our clients that stay are worried.  Our clients that stay are fearful.  Of what?

Is it?
Not being able to find a place. 
Having two mortgages.
Overpaying on the next house.
Making a bad decision.

MOSTLY they are scared of the unknown.  

The clients that do sell and move have a belief that change is good.

They have a belief that it will all work out.  

They are excited about the new adventure.

The same reasons people stay are the same reasons people get excited about moving.

Here is an example.  John wanted to sell his house in Peshastin and move closer to town.  He called us to explore how that would happen.  We laid out a plan to list his house and search for a new one.  

We listed his house before we had a suitable home.  WHY?  Sounds crazy and risky?  Actually, this is the safest thing to do.

You want to list first because you are in control.  We explained to John he did not have to take any offers.  We would hold out for the very best offer and negotiate the timelines so, that we could be successful in finding him a suitable and superior home for his goals.

We found a buyer that was willing to work with us on our timelines and with our marketing they paid FULL PRICE which was a record-breaking price.

John and his family found a new home closer to town for under-market value.  They sold high and bought low!  WIN-WIN.

Fear did not hold them back because they faced the fear and reached out to us to explore game plans.  

Call us TODAY we will not list your house.  Call us to explore how you can devise a plan to sell in today’s market and also find a better more suitable and more exciting place for you and your family.

We are problem solvers because we are elite in our abilities.

Call us today at 509-255-8070.

Or e-mail me at  Simply send me your address to get the ball rolling.

Or Text me your address at 509-670-1071

Nick McLean
Nick McLean Real Estate 

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