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Showing Your True Self Takes Courage

The key that unlocks success…

…the willingness to put yourself out there to the public.

Notice I said yourself. Not the version you think people will be attracted to. That fake version will never work.

It takes being vulnerable.

It takes facing your fears. The fear of judgment. The fear of other people’s opinions.

It takes the courage to show the community your true self.

Here is the secret.

Don’t give a damn what you look like.

Don’t give a damn what you sound like.

Don’t give a damn what people will say.

Share your thoughts, stories, and ideas unapologetically. The right people will respond.

People will be more attracted to your flaws, challenges, and journeys over your awards, results, and perfections.

Here, I am hosting a radio show with my friend Don West. I had a successful radio show for 4 years on KPQ.

I’m that kid who took speech therapy growing up.

I’m that adult during flight school who was told people can’t understand what I’m saying because I mumble.

It would have been much easier to keep my mouth shut and avoid the comments. That would have been hell. You face your fears by not giving a f@## what others will think.

You look yourself in the mirror every day, knowing your true self. Knowing to contribute to the community, you will have to lead.

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