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Spring Home Sellers, Do These 5 Things To Get Ahead Of The Competition

All homeowners know the best time to put your home on the market is during the spring months. 

Here are five tips that you can do right now to prepare your home for a spring list.

Historically the best time to list your home all year is the second week of March, just as spring is approaching. What can you do today to prepare your home to maximize the value, increasing the amount of money that you attain when you put your home on the market this spring?

Critical points for a spring home sale:
1. Start depersonalizing and decluttering your house now.
2. Paint rooms with neutral colors.
3. Get the carpets professionally cleaned.
4. Have your windows professionally cleaned.
5. Start picking up the leaves and doing some landscaping(once snow melts)

The first tip I will give you is to start depersonalizing and decluttering your house now. Buyers must see a clean slate and visualize their stuff in the home, not your stuff.
Tip: When I sold my house, I had a two-car garage, and I filled it to the gills. You couldn’t even get inside, buyers couldn’t even view it from the inside, but they knew there was a two-car garage, and that’s okay. So don’t be afraid to fill it up, and make the inside of your house as open and straightforward as possible.

Number two, start painting a neutral color. We recommend something light and neutral, to make the rooms look as big as possible. Gray colors were popular about three or four years ago, but we are seeing a lot of white recently. I’m getting a hard time because I’m telling everyone to paint everything white, but you know what, white’s super clean, and it freshens up the place.

Number three, get the carpets professionally cleaned. During the winter months, you’re bringing in a lot of gravel; you’re bringing in a lot of salt; you’re bringing in a lot of sand. It’s time to get the floors cleaned. We often sell a home as-is, meaning no repairs, but we still tell our clients to get their carpets cleaned because whoever’s going to buy your house will probably replace them. But when you put it on the market, you want it to be fresh and look clean.

Number four, have your windows professionally cleaned. Windows are critical because we want that natural light to come in unfiltered, really clean. Central Washington, Eastern Washington, and North Central Washington have great views; we want to see those fantastic views. I know it’s a little gloomy right now, but this is the time to start the process.

Number five, as the snow melts, start picking up the leaves and begin doing some landscaping. You do not need to wait until your grass is green. If the grass is green, you’re behind the curve. Many homeowners feel like they should wait to put their homes on the market when the flowers come out. It’s too late. You’re hitting the summer market, and traditionally the summer market is not as hot as the spring market. So start

If you like to maximize the value of your home, one of our listing partners will be happy to come over and give you additional capital improvements that you can do to improve the value of your home.

 If you have repair or remodeling ideas and want to know if there is a good return of investment on those projects, give us a call at 509.255.8070 or Google Nick McLean Real Estate.

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