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The Art Of Getting Older

It has come to my attention that we are all getting older.

I know. Genius. Right?

It’s a harsh reality for most. We don’t strive for it. We don’t aim to be elderly.
We do all we can to save for our later years. We exercise and eat right so that our quality of life lasts as long as it can. We prepare our estates with a will to pass our beloved possessions on to the next generation.

Yet there is a point. The moment we are too weak to mow our lawn or bring the Christmas decorations up from the basement. The moment where we must rely on family and community for basic things like putting away clean dishes or shoveling snow.

A moment where the home, land, and many of our possessions need to be sold.

Estates are being sold because community members like us are dramatically getting older, passing away, or downsizing.

Raise your hand if you have elderly parents or neighbors.

Raise your hand if you’re the Power of Attorney for a loved one.

I recently worked with a widow on a transaction. She was whittling down her estate. Her grief, the responsibility of selling the land, and her late stage of life were overwhelming to her.

I couldn’t change any of the circumstances of her life, but I could have compassion and empathy for a hard place where none of us want to be.

I felt my job was to:

  • listen and be patient
  • Translate the selling process into understandable words
  • Let her know that our entire team was on her side
  • Remind/assist with small things like signing a document
  • Have compassion and more patience

Will she remember me? I have no idea. That wasn’t the goal. It was to assist and guide her and inform the 30 other people helping with her unique circumstances.

There must be an Art to getting older. We certainly can not stop time or wear and tear, but we can be present when help is needed. We can give wholeheartedly to the elder community and make it as easy as we can.

This deserves no selling or offers. It only deserves a helping hand if you need assistance to value your properties for estate or planning purposes.

People don’t know we do Pro-Bono work for estates, divorces, and planning to estimate the value of their properties.

You may not need to know your property asset values now but it will be required at some point. Just know we are here Pro-Bono for the community we serve to estimate the value of their real estate.

Nick McLean
Nick McLean Real Estate

Written by Lara Kenoyer

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