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The Biggest Mistake Home Buyers Are Making…

The biggest mistakes Wenatchee/Leavenworth/Chelan home buyers are making in this fast-paced market. 

Let’s face it, the selection of homes is dismal.   All the good homes are sold quickly and with multiple offers.  This makes it tough to want to purchase a new home.  Especially if you have a home to sell.  There is a hope and strategy to overcome these obstacles.

Before I get into the strategy.  One of the biggest mistakes buyers are making is not putting their home on the market first.  When you make an offer contingent on the sale of a home you are at a huge disadvantage when competing for a home to purchase.     If you don’t own a home keep reading for the biggest mistake that is costing buyers 10s of thousands.

Remember all great homes will be liked and desired by other buyers.  The good news is we have multiple strategies to avoid being homeless and to avoid having to make two mortgage payments.  

First, when you list your home for sale with our company you don’t have to accept a full price offer unless you have a place to go.  There is no cost or penalty for not selling.  This isn’t true everywhere so, make sure to ask.

Second, lets say you list your home and don’t know where you are going yet.   When an offer comes in we can make a counter that will buy you time to go find a home.  And if you don’t, you won’t have to sell.

Third, We create so much demand buyers will fight for your home.  This means we can negotiate a rent back at $0.  We recently sold a home and the owner got to stay in the house for 3 months rent-free after selling!

Putting your home on the market before you purchase can save you 10, 20 even 50 thousand in negotiations.  

This fall/winter market will be the hottest market of all time.  Much hotter than the Summer. 

Call us today 50925508070 to get your free market equity report on your house. 

Or email me and give me your address and a day that works for you.
The biggest mistake buyers are making.  They are searching for homes on their own using third party websites like Zillow, Trulia &

Why this is a mistake is because many of the very best homes sell before they hit the market or within hours of being listed.  

Did you know that billion-dollar hedge funds on Wall-Street have faster internet speeds than you?  They have spent hundreds of millions of dollars to increase their internet speed.  Why?  So, they can make trades faster and get information quicker than anyone else.  

In a hot market, every hour counts.  They say baseball is a game of inches so, is real estate.

We have set up a direct portal to all the homes on the MLS for our clients.  This portal is like the Wall-Street billionaires’ internet connection.  

Get set up at  I know it will ask you to register that is part of the process.  There is no cost or pressure ever to purchase.  

Or send me your exact criteria and I will get you full access, guaranteed.

Best regards,

Nick McLean
Nick McLean Real Estate Group

PS.  We have such an amazing portal a licensed real estate broker sent me a message on Facebook last night asking for access because they want to purchase in North Central WA.  So, this is legit.  Go to to start your search.

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