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The Future Of Real Estate Came March 2020 And Changed Everything…

The real estate market changed March 2020 when the Pandemic hit and the way you market your home will never go back to signs and lockboxes. 

We had to adjust our marketing because our overall goal for our clients is to get them the most money in the least amount of time with the least amount of hassle.

And the way you do that is through marketing
the home, not just in town but out of town by using advanced
marketing strategies.

And what we found was that the consumer wanted more video.
When the pandemic hit in March 2020, we were non-essential employees or workers. We were all at home. But the Nick McLean Real Estate Group had 60 listings on the marketplace. Everyone thought that the market was going to crash, but it did the exact opposite!

With limited options, we were having our sellers take video tours on their phones and we put the video online so that we can get showings. Because when you put your home on the market, you want people in your home to look at it. You need showings.

The traditional showing is physically going in the home and walking around, but it’s not that case anymore. It’s a virtual showing that they want first. The consumer is saying I want floor plans and I want walkthroughs before I go look at it.

And interestingly enough, when the market heated up and there were multiple offers on all the homes, buyers wanted to get their foot in the door right away. This was problematic because 70% of our buyers are from out of the area. Places like Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond, California, Oregon, Arizona. Relocating to our area. So we had to have our agents do face-time walk-throughs.

In fact, in any given month, we have 45,000 people on our website.
Pre-pandemic that was about 12,000. Now we have 45,000 people
a month, which shows you the demand for our area, number one. But number two, it shows you how we’ve adjusted our marketing
to attract even more buyers in this ever-changing Central Washington Real Estate Market.

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