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The Number Of Homes Listed Is Drastically Increasing…Why

Inventory has been low for the last 12 months but, something changed at our office. Sellers calling to find what it takes to list their homes for sale have increased by 400% this month!

This is shocking so, as a researcher, I dug into the calls to find out, why?

Many of the homeowners have lived in their homes for over 4 years. This is a key metric because they on average have over $150,000 in equity if they sold Many of our homeowners have over $300,000 in equity if they sold.

The calls have been from professionals industries. Doctors, lawyers, accountants, financial planners, medical professionals.

70% of the homeowners said they want to buy something newer. Of those, they want new construction with state-of-the-art features. Energy-efficient items, smart home devices, taller ceilings, hard services, easier to clean and maintain, no repairs needed. They noticed there are options to buy now that are new construction.

Many said they will use a portion of the equity to help out family members financially.

People are starting to list their homes this year!

Don’t rush into a listing, call us 509-255-8070 to get a free report on home values. Or CLICK HERE TO GET A HOME VALUE ONLINE.

Nick McLean
Nick McLean Real Estate

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