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  • The number one complaint I have and you have about real estate agents.

The number one complaint I have and you have about real estate agents.

Home Sellers deserve great communication

The National Association of Realtors did a nationwide survey of people that sold their house using a realtor, and their number one complaint was that their agent didn’t communicate effectively.

Nick McLean Real Estate emphasizes excellent communication with clients. Nick’s team has built-in systems so that any time you have a question or you are not happy about something, you can reach someone. Nick even has a clause in the listing agreement that allows you to fire them if you are not satisfied. It allows you free rein to communicate with the agents and the staff, holding the team accountable to the client and striving for the highest levels of communication.

In a traditional real estate agency, when you list your home with an individual agent they also represent buyers. And because they represent buyers, they could be out showing buyers homes all weekend. And if they’re showing homes all weekend, they’re not marketing your home all weekend.

What’s great about the Nick McLean Real Estate Group is you are going to be assigned a listing partner that specializes in listing and marketing your home for top dollar on your terms. They don’t work for buyers, which means they are more available and have the time to serve their home sellers’ needs. They aren’t driving around town showing property all day, ignoring your listing. They are thinking about your listing every single day throughout the listing period.

Nick’s team also has a listing department filled with a talented veteran staff that has been assisting listing agents for many years. This means that if you can’t get in touch with your listing agent, one of the listing coordinators will be there for you, ready to address any concerns. Other real estate agencies are not organized with such an emphasis on communication and teamwork.

If you would like to learn more about what makes the Nick McLean Real Estate Group expert communicators reach out at 509-255-8070 or go to

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