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The Only Way To Save Time In Real Estate…

There is only one way to be MORE productive and save time…

There is a common limiting belief that in order to become successful in real estate you have to sacrifice your time with family and friends.   This does not have to be true.  In fact, there is a way to increase your productivity and free up more time with family and friends.

Let me explain how…

In my first year in real estate, I sold one home and made $6k all year.  It was 2008 and the real estate market had crashed.  The Lake Chelan MLS from Nov. 2008 until April 2009 had ZERO/0 reported sales.  Not one agent had a sale for nearly 4 months.

Over the next 3 years, I doubled my sales by working harder, not smarter.  By 2010, I sold 62 properties and was working 12 hour days, 7 days a week.  I literally couldn’t work anymore.  My personal life was gone and my family needed my attention.  Something had to change.

That is when I got smart and came up with the ‘Ideal Weekly Schedule’.

This industry can be demanding if you let it.  Leads, Clients, and Closings can suck every second of your waking hour if we let it.  We call these things ‘Time Vampires’.   Time Vampires are people, technology, and activities that are distracting you from showing up as your best self.

The secret weapon is ‘FOCUS’.  To gain clarity and hyper-focus you don’t need a quiet space you need to set boundaries throughout your day.  

Because a lead/opportunity can show up at any time we tend to leave our calendar as open as possible.  This is the worst thing you can do.  I’m going to teach you to fill up your calendar.   By filling up your calendar with commitments you will be forced to set boundaries and expectations with clients and closings.  

How to fill up your calendar with productive activities.   Creating the ‘Ideal Weekly Schedule’.

The purpose of the IDS is to help you stay organized and focused on Dollar Productive Activities.  

Write out a template of your perfectly productive day.  It can only contain the following.

Personal Time – This is time set aside to do what you want, with where you want, with whom you want.

Appointments – Appointment blocks available or set with clients.  Don’t wait for an appointment.  Set time aside each day to meet with someone.  We recommend 2 hours per day.  My ideal times to meet with clients 10 – 11 and 2-4.

Calls/Follow Up – Calls to your pipeline of A, B, C and Sphere lead.  1 hour per day.

Prospecting – Calling to generate business.  1 hour a day.

Open House – 1 open house per week.  During COVID-19 do a Facebook Live at a house.

Lunch/Dinner – Yes, block out when you eat.  Stay hydrated.  You are a professional and need to maintain focus.

Meeting – Office meetings, staff meetings, property tours

Office Work – Time to organize emails, voicemails, check on closing, review files, prepare for appointments.  Recommend 1/2 hour before and after each appointment block.  

WARNING:  We spend too much time worrying about closings.

The challenge.

Write out your ideal schedule using 30-minute time blocks.  Print it out and post it somewhere visible.  

If you have never created an ideal schedule before let me know and we can jump on a Zoom call or regular call and create one in 15 minutes.

Nick McLean
Nick McLean Real Estate

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