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  • ‘The Passion Service Economy’ Embrace this and never work another day in your life!

‘The Passion Service Economy’ Embrace this and never work another day in your life!

PASSION is the business!

The successful real estate agent of the future is the most service-oriented.

Technology will remove most of the data and information-oriented tasks and benefits of an agent.   

Leaving the most human qualities that will be the benefits.

…caring, support, leadership, compassion, passion, empathy, frugality, temperance, LOVE!

The future Real estate Professional with a capital ‘P’ will be at the pinnacle of the service industries.

The real estate service provided will be judged based on the experience, not the results.  

The experience will be predicated on the character and virtues of the service-minded person and company the buyer and seller choose to hire.

The future real estate professional masterfully orchestrates a sympathy of feelings.   

It is not perfection the client wants.   Smooth and perfect is boring.   This is the hero’s journey.   The client is the hero and we are their guides.   Study the entertainment industries for the experience they deliver.  

The ‘P’ professionals of the future leaders and serve with their hearts.   Their brains explore optionally for their clients and creativity in delivering an experience that the client desires.

This is not to be overdone or overthought.   Bring to the service your most positive true self.  Bring forth Energy and Excitement to the process also known as the ‘Journey’!

Your energy/excitement plus service equals your PASSION! 

PASSION is our product!   

Nick McLean
Nick McLean Real Estate

PS. If you never want to work another day in your life, shoot me an email.  Our team is growing our collective ‘Passion’!   A growing community of passionate real estate professionals.

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