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The single biggest fear holding buyers and sellers back…

The moment we realize we are not in the home selling business our careers will GROW.  

We are in the human relationship, human connection, human behavior, and human experience business…PERIOD

The part of the human experience that we must address personally and professionally is ‘FEAR’.  

Daniel Kahneman, Nobel Prize winner for his work on “Thinking Fast and Slow” showed us that ‘Loss Aversion’ is twice as powerful as an equivalent gain.  

We have heard it before.  ‘The FEAR of loss is greater than the desire for GAIN’.

Loss Aversion is the human tendency to prefer avoiding losses to acquiring gains.  

Think about your clients.  What do they feel they have to lose in buying and selling?  Don’t tell them…Help them discover what they fear most about buying and selling.  

Ask them…

“When it comes to buying/selling what do you fear most?”  


“When it comes to buying/selling what don’t you want to see happen?”

This process of uncovering what loss they will fear will show them what they fear most is actually very small or can be mitigated.  

Without expressing it out loud it will remain in the sub-conscience and only come out as feeling and emotions.  These feelings and emotions will be anxiety and fear that will result in them seeking safety.  When we seek safety we go to what is known that minimizes the risk for loss. 

Personally in your business… Is loss aversion holding you back? 

Is there an environment somewhere new that will contribute to your personal and professional GROWTH!  What do you fear most? What don’t you want to happen?

The last thought I will end you with.  When you get a new client.  Do you fear losing them to another agent or situation?  How is that affecting your performance and their experience?

Nick McLean
Nick McLean Real Estate

PS.  I have been asked by brokers at other companies.  Why are you writing these emails?  Are you trying to become a coach?  The answer is no.  I want everyone to sell more homes and realize their potential.  The knowledge that was given to me is not mine to keep.  It is my responsibility to share. 

PSS.  Our team is hiring brokers in Grant County, Kittitas County, Chelan, Douglas & Okanogan.  We have an abundance of leads.  If you know anyone that is eager to grow, send them my e-mail.

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