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The Top 3 Mistakes Home Buyers Are Making Right Now…

Welcome to the most competitive real estate market in the history of the United States. There is good news because many buyers are discouraged and quitting. They are going from players to pretenders.

You know this to be true. When the going gets tough the tough get going. That is the right move to make but, the rarest action taken from individuals among a crowd.

The first mistake I’m witnessing is buyers pretending they are buyers. A real buyer is a player in the game. They are active in their pursuits.

The second mistake, they avoid real estate agents like the plague. I totally understand this one. 99% of real estate agents want one thing…to make a commission. But, herein lies the opportunity. There is a team out there that represents the 1% that cares more about you than the commission. And they don’t care how long it takes and will do whatever it takes to help you reach your goal.

You need a team of agents because they have access to information and knowledge you don’t have. We can agree knowledge is power.

If you own a home they have access to sales and information that can pinpoint your home’s value.

They have access to useful seller information like mortgage information, date of sale, why they are selling, disclosure forms, property line information, easements, wells, septic, and other homes you don’t know exist.

The third mistake. Because we avoid salespeople that only want a commission we go right into the arms of a company we can’t trust. ZILLOW/TRULIA to search for homes.

This is the ultimate bait and switch. Buyers and Sellers go to Zillow to have a stress-free search experience. They are not ready to talk to an agent. Here is the mistake. Zillow ‘WILL’ 100% sell your information to real estate agents, mortgage brokers, and insurance companies.

This is how they make money. They sell your information to real estate agents.

If you are anything like me you don’t want your information sold.

If you read this entire email you are one of the ‘PLAYERS’ in the marketplace and are bound to succeed. All you need is a team that doesn’t care about commissions. They need commissions to make a living but, are willing to wait until they know their client’s timing is right.

Go to to search for homes. Don’t use Zillow they sell your information.

Access to more homes instantly call, our hotline 509-255-8072.

Nick McLean
Nick McLean Real Estate

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