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This Is A MAJOR Real Estate Business Tip…

I have trained, coached, and studied hundreds of top-performing real estate agents and there is one common ritual they do each day…

…they get their office work out of the way before most people start their day.

We are in real estate because we want freedom.  To do what we want, when we want, with whom we want.  

If you have to want ‘Freedom’ as described above more than sleeping in.

Because if you can get up earlier and get your office work done before most people get out of bed then you will have the rest of the day to choose your own adventure.

Let us define office work.  Anything that will distract you from prospecting, following up, negotiating, going on appointments, and doing what you want.

90% of all office work can be done on your computer.

1. E-mails
2. Transaction Management.
3. Listing coordination
4. CMA
5. Showing set up
6. Reverse Prospecting
7. Checking the MLS
8. Reading & Studying
9. Planning your day, week, year
10. Follow Up by email

Imagine you were able to get all of this done by 9 AM each day.   Once you have done it for 30 days it will take less than 1 hour a day.   It will, however, make your day less stressful because you will be in control.

I’ve studied agents that struggle and the one thing they do consistently…

…Start working on office work at 10 AM.   This is the worst time on the planet to do it.  This is like deciding to travel during rush hour traffic each day.  Miserable and unproductive. 

Change your schedule.  Do your office work prior to 8 AM.  And at 10 AM go do something you want to do.  Choose something dollar productive or anything.

Nick McLean
Nick McLean Real Estate

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