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Three Lessons For Agents To Sell More W/Less Distractions During Dinner With The Family.

Real estate agents that want to sell more homes without having to look at their cell phones during dinner so that they can be better role models for their children can learn from Navy Seal Admiral William McRaven.

Admiral William McRaven is best known in the public eye for his 2014 Commencement Speech at the University of Texas.

In 2014, he put together a masterclass on getting more out of less.

These lessons will change the way you approach your real estate business.

They have significantly impacted my productivity and increased the free time I enjoy with my family.

I’ve sold 32 homes, buried with so much work I had to miss out on birthday parties, events, and family gatherings because I had appointments and things to do for clients.

There is a better way that allows the growth of time and money.

Here’s a breakdown of each one: 👇

Lesson #1: “If you want to change the world, start by making your bed.”

Most people don’t sweat the small stuff. They get up every morning and accept things to be left undone.

What Admiral McRaven proposes is that you should make your bed each morning.

This decision to make your bed is a mirror showing that your actions matter.

It demonstrates that you can change your physical world.

That if you can make your bed, you can “make our lives.”

Don’t skip this part as non-consequential. How you do one thing is how you do everything.

In life and business, anything left undone is ‘WASTE.’

Don’t finish what you started if you start a new project or journey with a real estate lead/client.

You just wasted all that time that could have been with your family.

Don’t leave things undone. If you can’t sweat the small stuff, you will never finish the big things because big things are just a series of small things.

Lesson #2 – “If you want to change the world, find someone to help you paddle.”

Real estate agents are either too scared to mess up or are perfectionists.

Both have significant downfalls in selling more and finding more time.

You need to learn two things.

1 – How to delegate.

2 – How to do things with other people.

If you don’t learn to delegate and be able to work with other people, you will always experience

• A lack of time makes you feel overwhelmed and stressed.,

• Missing out on important family events. Even when you make it to the event, you will be thinking about real estate or checking your phone.

• You will hold yourself back from taking on more clients because you are scared it will ruin your life.

As an agent, find a team with resources you can leverage.

Find a listing coordinator to help with the input, signs, lockboxes, and marketing.

Find a closing coordinator to help with the transaction.

Who communicates to the escrow, title, and loan officers and keeps the client informed.

Find a co-worker that you can work with on a project together. To have a fulfilled life, you have to enjoy your workplace.

To enjoy your workplace, you have to make connections and relationships with other human beings in your office.

Find an accountability partner at work. Who is willing to do the hard things with you. Grab someone and prospect and follow up for an hour. It will be more enjoyable and more manageable with support.

Lesson #3: “If you want to change the world, measure a person by the size of their heart.”

You need to lead yourself and others by your heart.

Everyone is way too rational and logical when getting things done. They overthink it.

Will this work?

Is this a waste of time?

What will people think?

How do I look?

You need to listen to your heart and do the work. You don’t need to justify things before you do them.

The act of doing things will lead to the justification to continue.

Your heart chooses, and then your mind will justify.

Finally, everything matters. Don’t overthink whether or not it will be worth your time. Get it done and move on.

What separates agents who are overwhelmed from agents who sell more with more freedom is they fundamentally understand how to complete the small items day after day. They don’t allow open loops in their lives, meaning they finish what they start.

Don’t wait. Start making your bed today.

Nick McLean
Owner Nick McLean Real Estate Group
Cheplak Select Coach

Text me if you need real estate business help. 5096701071
I want you to sell more homes while creating the freedom to be with your friends and family.

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